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Forbidden Land: Flame Trap Method Featured

Spear Main + Valkyrie + Taoist.

Burning snakes for fun. This is probably the easiest way to kill the boss here even with low gears. Ever seen 813K+ damage?

Props to my guildie, PITICLI, for thinking out of the box and coming up with this method. Although I don't know if others have already done this, didn't bother checking.

Running this mission with Flame Traps doesn't demand good gears. If you can kill a few Zulu mobs at a time, which you will have to do while moving towards the boss, then you can solo this.

Basically this is a boss spiking mission. The objective is to meet and greet a big mother snake boss after killing some of her children on the way, and torture her until she tells you to stop. It is much easier if you lure the boss away from the center, and to lead her an area where you set up some Flame Traps.

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The DOT from Flame Trap IIIs does massive damage to the boss here, in this case 813K. Check out the video and see for yourself.

And now for the tips:
  • Stick to 1 path and clear it of mobs.

    In this run I took the bottom road while clearing mobs coming from the top and right. As soon as you reach an entrance to the center where the boss is at, clear any mobs around to make a nice peaceful space for you to lure the boss to.

  • Plant Flame Traps outside the inner quadrangle.

    Flame traps DO NOT leave DOT areas if triggered within the inner quadrangle so set them up OUTSIDE, at the area shown on the video. That area also makes it easy to trap the boss and keep it from moving.

    While you setup the traps, move a merc towards the center and lure the boss towards you.

  • Lure the boss towards you instead of charging it.

    After greeting the M boss, she gives your whole party a nice big persistent -16464 DEF and -8200 ATK debuff. In return you need to spank her until she tells you to stop. But there are more of hers kids nearby so do not go to her, instead lure her with magic and ranged attacks if any.

    Guide her to that nice bunch of traps you prepared earlier. She has no AOE so with none of her nasty snake children to disturb you, finishing the mission should be easy enough.

  • Killing Tikdoshe Eggs lowers Boss' HP.

    These are those little round mobs. Killing these actually damages the Boss so you can choose to go around and kill them, although that would mean having to deal with the other cannon mobs.

    There are 4 eggs you can easily reach: 1 at the start, 1 a bit North from the start, 1 at the South entrance, and 1 a bit further left of the South entrance. Killing these 4 would be enough to significantly lower the Boss' HP.

Used Valkyrie and Taoist in TBS here for the first time and looks like Taoist can be a good DEF debuffer with his Vital Seal which actually works against bosses too, including the physical and magic attack sealing effect. Valk's Odin's Chain on the other hand does not work on bosses, or at least against the one in this TBS.
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Chaotic Neutral Spear 150. IAO - Argos.

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