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Sunless Forest: Good Old Ranged Team Run

Spear Main + Sheriff + Hwarang.

Attila is probably the best merc to have for all Zulu TBSs, but my alt has none so I had to use my usual TBS mercs before Zulu was added, Hwarang and Sheriff. Their ranged attacks work well for clearing spider webs in this mission at least.

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The objective here is to escort an NPC, and keep her alive until the end where you'll find a big spider boss with a nasty AOE. You will have to bring the spider boss to near death and let the NPC cast a spell on it. Do not kill the boss until after the 3rd cutscene of the bossfight (something about the NPC casting something) or you will fail the mission.

Tips for soloing Sunless Forest:
  • Split into 2 teams at the beginning.

    Escort the NPC with your main as it goes through the upper road. Equip your main with AOE scrolls in case you need to draw aggro from the NPC. Thankfully the NPC has very high HP and can 2 hit mobs but you would want her at the best possible HP for the boss fight later.

    Send your other 2 mercs down the other path. You need to clear both paths or mobs will come and destroy the base camp.

  • Disabling spiderweb grids.

    On the way to the boss you will come across 4 pairs of spiderweb columns that trigger spiderweb grids that silence and remove buffs. You need to destroy 2 spiderweb columns that hold it together to clear them.

  • Do NOT kill the boss.

    When you finally get to the boss, get it to near death as fast as you can. It has a very strong 5x5 AOE so spread out. Watch your damage once it's almost dead to avoid killing it.

    You will have to go through 3 cutscenes total from the start of the boss fight. From what I've seen on this video the 1st is at the start, the 2nd when its HP starts to get low, and 3rd when it's almost dead. The mission will fail if you kill the boss before the 3rd cutscene.

  • The NPC is Sword type.

    Which makes Ody's Athena's Protection work on her. Ody's Shield Bash also speeds up the Boss fight. I'd suggest taking Tarkan (Ody on either Team) or Sheriff (Ody on Team 2) if you decide to try this route.

Video too quarity for you? Read my excuses here.

Stuff used in this run

This info is provided for whatever help they may be to you. They are not in any way the required setup or anything.

Merc Stats (Normal)

Spear Main 21964 - 25600 154955 1618 228171
Hwarang 13721 - 20400 61182 1507 58082
Sheriff 14529 - 16649 59083 1681 55572


Type Particulars
Feast NC, Unity
Title Chaotic Ruler
Proc Minotaur Statue, Garuda, Storm Board, Deep Blue Sea Accessories
Others Spelltower x1, Guild Lvl120
Read 6708 times

Spear 150. IAO - Argos.

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