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Crossroads of Terror: Terrorized Patriot

Spear Main + Tarkan + Patriot.

Just got my Patriot to 141 so I decided to try running a TBS with him. It turned out pretty well I think, although he got killed once. Went all Super Saiyan and died next turn near the base camp so there wasn't any need to waste a resurrect scroll on him.

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If you're looking for the easiest Zulu mission, this is it.
The objective is to get 3 quest items from 3 bosses.

Tips for Crossroads of Terror:

  • You only need to kill 3 bosses.

    And those are the 3 marked as Target Bosses in the Mission Plan Map above. These bosses aren't very tough and don't do AOE.

    There are 5 bosses in all but you don't need to kill the 2 marked Empty Bosses unless you enjoy killing stuff that much, but they will only port you back to base camp and do nothing to advance the mission.

  • Don't get lured to the left.

    The starting mobs tend to lure you to the left side, but just kill them and don't go any further into the left boss area to avoid aggroing it.

  • Quest items needed for quest craft.

    The 3 target bosses drop quest items that are needed for a level 145 quest craft so you would want to keep those if you haven't done the quest yet.

Video too quarity for you? Read my excuses here.

Stuff used in this run

This info is provided for whatever help they may be to you. They are not by any means the required setup or anything.

Merc Stats (Normal)

Spear Main 21992 - 25628 153995 1630 226633
Patriot 14220 - 16300 62186 1623 62263
Tarkan 14389 - 20253 107018 1272 139834


Type Particulars
Feast NC, Unity
Title Chaotic Ruler
Proc Minotaur Statue, Garuda, Storm Board, Deep Blue Sea Accessories
Others Spelltower x1, Guild Lvl120

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Chaotic Neutral Spear 150. IAO - Argos.

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  • Comment Link Ivelioss Saturday, 15 November 2014 08:42 posted by Ivelioss

    I have better way for kill the boss:

    Just block him
    When u see him go tao forward.
    Next go behind him he ll go South. Use Vital, and when he goes to you, go that
    She cant attack she can move

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