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Warrior's Honor: Boats and Shortcuts

Cannon Main + Witch + Shaman.

This mission introduces Boats, something you might not enjoy having to ride on in this game. Also there's a shortcut trick here so you wouldn't have to kill as many mobs as you would if you follow the preset objective sequence.

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There are no Summon Gates here so you can take your time, relax and enjoy the view while killing stuff at your desired pace.

As usual, there are other traps not shown on this map but you don't have to bother with them anyway if you follow the suggested travel path.

Mission Summary
  • Finish all your Training upgrades.
  • You can build a Cata if you want, but you'll have to dismantle it after accomplishing the 1st objective (Kill 3 Mutated Marksmen).
  • Kill mobs on the way to the dock, and at some point you'll accomplish the 1st objective. Stop when you reach the Mystic Stone and accomplish the 2nd objective first.
  • The 2nd objective is to Go to the Dock, and this is where the shortcut trick comes in. Build a Boat and move it to the shore to accomplish this objective.
  • 3rd objective is to Kill 3 Devilish Vikings, normally you will have to go kill 2 of these at the island located to the east, but by accomplishing the 2nd objective before killing the rest of the mobs near the dock you won't have to go there.
  • Destroy the Mystic Stone and the rest of the mobs on the way to the Dock.
  • Meanwhile, destroy some enemy boats on the way to the First Boss with your Boat. You can choose to clear ALL enemy boats before picking up your mercs, if you're a safety nut.
  • Send your boat back to the dock to pick up your mercs (select merc and right-click on Boat to board) and head towards the First Boss' island shown at the map.
  • Be sure to kill the 3rd Devilish Viking before killing the Boss or else the mission objectives can not be completed.
  • After clearing the Kill Boss objective, board the boat again and head to the Last Boss.
  • Leave your boat at a safe place just in case all your mercs decide to die on you. Missions don't fail as long as you have at least 1 merc/cata/boat alive.
  • Kill everything on that island and watch out for traps.


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