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Base Defense: Enter Witch

Cannon Main + Witch + Shaman.

Witch makes low level TBSs a lot easier even if you don't have very good gears so I'd suggest getting one unless you have high-end mercs such as Sheriff or gears that can 1-hit level 70 TBS mobs in this case.

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This mission introduces Summon Gates which are structures that spawn mobs every few turns (in this case every 4 or 5 turns, not sure didn't count).

Unlike Scouting Party where you can have as many turns as you want and not worry about having to deal with more mobs, here you would not want to waste turns and start moving out from the beginning while doing your Training upgrades. This is standard practice for TBSs with active Summon Gates.

Witch with Meteor Strike 60 can 1 hit all mobs within a 5x5 grid here although it can only cast every 4 turns.

Mission Summary
  • Start moving out from the start while doing Training upgrades.
  • Kill mob groups along the way with Witch's AOE.
  • Watch your HP and MP bars and use pots as needed.
  • Kill approaching Summon Gate spawns or they will destroy the Base if left alone.
  • Trigger traps with 1 merc, with others located at a safe distance.
  • Destroy Summon Gate from a safe distance with Cata and Main (if ranged) to avoid aggroing the mobs near it.
  • Kill the Boss, spread out to avoid having multiple deaths in 1 turn. Keep healer at a safe distance, ready to resurrect.


Type Particulars
Feast NC
Title None
Proc None
Others Spelltower, Guild Lvl120
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I eat Grand Minotaur boxes for EXP.

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