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Scouting Party: Beginner's Introduction to TBS Featured

Cannon Main + Gunner + Shaman.

This makes a good introduction to TBS missions. Since most new players at level 50s would only have D class mercs, I used those for this demo.

If you're new to TBS missions, you would want to familiarize yourself first by running them with 2 or more people. Although this demo is solo, it should be enough to show you how it's done.

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At the time of this writing iAO has for months been giving away free +5 weapons and +4 armors every gear tier from level 15 to 100 and those should be enough to solo these. There's even free Blessing Licenses at some levels which would make these TBSs even easier. Although a Witch would be great for these low level missions so I suggest getting one if you don't have very good gears.

Anyway, this mission introduces some of the basics of TBS with no pressure to move out and start killing stuff from the first turn.

Troy TBSs allow you to bring 2 mercs along with your main in Squad mode. If you're new to TBS, always bring a healer to be able to resurrect dead mercs on the spot with healing skills.

Buffs (feasts, title, blessing license/pot) help much so try to get as many of them as possible before doing TBSs since they all stack or add up. Also equip at least Healing (for HP) and Elixir (for HP and MP) pots on all your merc quickslots, you can use these to regain HP and/or MP as needed although they would use up your turn.

Some TBS Stuff Introduced
  • Training Upgrades.

    These buff your mercs' Attack, Defense, Range and Speed throughout the whole mission. They cost gold to accomplish but would make things a lot easier. Access this easily through the Base Camp icon at the lower right.

  • Catapults.

    These are somewhat like extra level 100 Cannon mercs although they have very low defense. They cost gold to build and you can only have 1 at a time. Build this easily through the Vehicle Bay icon at the lower right.

  • Traps.

    These are like land mines that trigger AOEs when you step on them.

    There are 2 kinds of traps: Flame Traps that deal magic damage and leave flames that also cause damage if you end a turn while standing on them, and Net Traps that render you unable to move for a few turns (in this map, 2 turns) although Catapults are immune to them.

  • Mystic Stones.

    These are big crystal-like structures that buff and heal mobs near them. It is usually best to destroy these first before mobs. They are very weak against Cannons and Catapults.

The rest is best explained through visual example so here's the sample run video:


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