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Last Stand: Classic Full Ranged Party Featured

Cannon Main + Sheriff + Hwarang.

Learning to solo Last Stand can be a very exciting adrenaline rush experience at first. With the mad dashes to destroy and kill stuff at two locations simultaneously within a limited time to be prepared for the next timed events.

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Although it gets boring once you've mastered it, with all the mandatory waiting since this is a time-based mission with events only happening at fixed times.

The map above only shows the trap locations you need to know. There's more but you don't have to worry about them if you follow the example in the video below.

Timed Events
  • 34:50 - Minotaur boss.

    Destroy both top portals before this and position Team 1 to be at most 3 turns away from Bottom-right gate, and Team 2 at Top-left gate.

  • 24:45 - Dragon Boss.

    Destroy both bottom portals before this and kill mobs near gates before reentering, and position all mercs outside Bottom-right gate.

  • 14:15 - Last Boss.

    Just don't fall asleep before you kill it.

Additional Tips for Last Stand
  • Take Hwarang instead of a healer.

    Although this may just be personal preference, a good Hwarang can deal damage, buff ranged mercs within 5x5 with him at center, and can turn Cata into a decent damage dealer. Besides, healers in TBS are so 2 years ago.

  • In case 1 or more base gate gets destroyed.

    Watch out for mobs coming through them since this enables their AI to find a clear path into the base. You will have to hunt and bring mob count down to 0 to be safe if this happens, assuming you've already taken care of all summon portals.

Most of the stuff you need to do are best explained through visual example so here it is:

Stuff used in this run

This info is provided for whatever help they may be to you. They are not by any means the required setup or anything.

Merc Stats (Normal)

Cannon Main 11704 - 12802 68181 2631 75850
Sheriff 9516 - 10792 49540 1491 62263
Hwarang 7189 - 10041 43528 1298 43460


Type Particulars
Feast NC
Title Bard
Proc Garuda, Storm Board, Deep Blue Sea Accessories
Others Spelltower, Guild Lvl120
Read 5761 times

Cannon 137. IAO - Argos.

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