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Eight Gates: Siege, Demolition and Assassination Featured

Cannon Main + Janissary + Witch + Shaman.

Actually 4 (active) Summon Gates, and you have to destroy them all to spawn a Boss. You can guess what you have to do after that.

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As standard for all TBSs with active Summon Gates, minimize turns for less spawns.

There are more traps not shown on this map but just follow this guide so no one gets hurt. Seriously.

Tips for Eight Gates
  • Start by sending all mercs to the lower left Gate, and Cata to the lower right Gate.

    This way you'll be able to destroy 2 Gates early and have far less mobs to worry about than destroying them 1 at a time. Just keep the Cata as far as possible from the Gate to avoid aggroing the mobs guarding it.

    Regroup after destroying both lower Gates and destroy the rest.

  • Take the outermost path on the way to the rest of the Gates.

    This is to avoid having to deal with the mobs inside which would require more turns that would mean more spawns from the remaining Gates.

Gears shown at start.

Stuff used in this run

This info is provided for whatever help they may be to you. They are not by any means the required setup or anything.

Type Particulars
Feast NC
Title Energizer
Proc None
Others Spelltower, Lvl 120 guild

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I eat Grand Minotaur boxes for EXP.

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