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Battle of Red Cliffs: Solo Power Trip

Spear Main + Tarkan + Hwarang.

One of the longer TBSs but it's fun to do this once in a while. With 4 Bosses, 3 Summon Gates, several minibosses and hordes of mobs, it has its fun moments.

The sample video below should show all the stuff you would want to do whether soloing, duoing or more.

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This mission has several Net Traps which you would want to bring AOE scrolls for. As for Fire Traps, it's your call if you want to scroll those too or be cheap like me and just trigger them.

Minimum stuff to remember for Battle of Red Cliffs
  • Net Traps in front of Summon Gates.

    Scroll them.

  • 2nd Boss has immobilizing AOE.

    Spread out if you don't want your whole team getting frozen for 2 turns. Tarkan or On-tour Instrument Main should be immune to this though.

  • Fight 3rd Boss at right side of the platform.

    If you want to avoid the horde of mobs that spawn at the left side together with the Last Boss after you kill the 3rd.

Stuff used in this run

This info is provided for whatever help they may be to you. They are not by any means the required setup or anything.

Merc Stats (Normal)

Spear Main 21992 - 25628 153995 1630 226633
Tarkan 14389 - 20253 107018 1272 139834
Hwarang 14203 - 20954 62414 1552 60484


Type Particulars
Feast NC
Title Chaotic Ruler
Proc Minotaur & Rudolph Statue, Garuda, Storm Board, Deep Blue Sea Accessories
Others Spelltower, Guild Lvl120
Read 6372 times

Chaotic Neutral Spear 150. IAO - Argos.

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