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White Flag: Escorting, Boating and Spiking

Cannon Main + Hwarang + Sheriff + Shaman.

Sounds like a lot of hassle but this mission is pretty easy if you know what to do. It also gives up to 50m+ EXP per merc which is pretty high for a level 132 TBS, and 14 reward boxes is more than the usual.

This mission has 3 parts but there are no traps to worry about.

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Tips for White Flag
  • Build ships.

    Once you reach the 4th group of mobs, start building a ship and guard the dock with it until the NPC reaches the dock. Don't send out the ship yet since enemy ships would still be hard to destroy until the NPC reaches the dock.

  • Bring enough gold.

    You will need to build several ships for the 2nd part where you need to destroy the enemy dock while fighting enemy ships, and each ship costs 4m gold. Deathproof or any high DEF title can help reduce the number of ships needed for this part.

    Leave you mercs at the dock for the 2nd part.

  • Fight the Boss from the bottom right corner of the enemy base.

    The Boss summons more mobs that appear at the center of the enemy base. Go to the corner if you want to avoid having to deal with them.

Stuff used in this run

This info is provided for whatever help they may be to you. They are not by any means the required setup or anything.

Merc Stats (Normal)

Cannon Main 11704 - 12802 68181 2631 75850
Sheriff 9516 - 10792 49540 1491 62263
Hwarang 7189 - 10041 43528 1298 43460
Shaman 6036 - 6847 24878 4024 39437


Type Particulars
Feast NC
Title Energizer
Proc Garuda, Storm Board, Deep Blue Sea Accessories
Others Spelltower, Guild Lvl120
Read 3701 times

Cannon 137. IAO - Argos.

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