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Call to Arms: Selective Killing

Cannon Main + Witch.

This one is much easier than the first Majapahit TBS. It's basically free giant EXP at level 85, plus you get to have fun killing harmless mobs at the end.

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There are no NPCs to escort or Summon Gates so you can take as many turns as you need. Although you will need slightly better gear than what was used in this demo if you don't have a Witch, since some mobs summon more mobs if you don't 1 hit them here.

Minimum Stuff to Remember for Call to Arms
  • Patrolling mobs summon more mobs.

    After the initial 3 mobs, assume that all the patrolling mobs on the way to the objective summon more mobs if they spot you or if you fail to kill them with 1 hit. If you have a Witch, just charge her AOE before approaching mobs.

  • Do not kill more than 2 Loyalist Captains.

    Once you reach the objective area, be sure to target mobs named Traitorous Captain only. Although you can actually kill up to 2 Loyalist Captains for fun if you want.


Type Particulars
Feast None
Title None
Proc None
Others Spelltower, Guild Lvl120

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I eat Grand Minotaur boxes for EXP.

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