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Rakrian Kuti's Rebellion: Racing a Weakling NPC

Cannon Main + Witch.

This mission introduces the Majapahit TBS line where you can only bring 1 merc along with your main, and no Catas.

This one can be harder than the other Majapahit TBSs since you have to stay ahead of a fast moving NPC and avoid getting it killed, which would be a problem for a slow moving Cannon main so bring a faster moving merc like Witch.

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The NPC here moves very fast for a weakling. He's like naked since 1 hit from mobs does considerable damage thus you will have to stay ahead and take all the hits for him. Keep him alive at all cost or the mission will fail.

Minimum Stuff to Remember for Rakrian Kuti's Rebellion
  • Always stay ahead of the NPC.

    The NPC here has very low hp so you or your other merc will have to be able to tank a few hits.

  • Ignore the pursuing mob.

    At some point a mob will start chasing you from behind, but at a very slow pace so just ignore it.

  • Equip AOE and Resurrect Scrolls.

    Just in case you'll need them. Use AOE scrolls to draw aggro away from the NPC in case mobs get too close to it, and use a Resurrect scroll if a merc dies since you won't have time to waste resurrecting from Base.

  • Be ready for the ambush at Gate.

    4 mobs spawn beside your NPC when it reaches the gate. If possible have your Witch ready with her AOE, if not use an AOE scroll to draw aggro from the NPC if you're not geared enough to 1 hit these mobs.


Type Particulars
Feast NC
Title Energizer
Proc None
Others Spelltower, Guild Lvl120

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