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Labyrinthos Raid 135 Solo: Revelation Featured

Recently found that people have been singing all the secrets to soloing raids. And so as promised, here's the guide to soloing this multi-billion gold TBS minus all the confusing bullcrap.

After months of soloing Raids, most soloers are sick of this anyway. So let's just all solo this now. lol

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Tips for Labyrinthos 135 Hard Mode (Solo, Duo or whatever)
  1. Use Guardian Stone of Bravery (if applicable).

    At least for the 1st Boss. This adds 1000 ATK whenever you get hit with normal attacks, and you'll need all the ATK you can get to be able to kill the 1st Boss fast before you get mobbed by them spawns.

  2. Finish all upgrades first and retreat.

    Once you enter the dungeon, do not move until you've finished all your upgrades, and then retreat. For some reason your attack gets buffed after retreating at least once (at least until they patch this since it's all out now).

  3. Destroy all Gates at 2nd room.

    Check the video on how to do this faster than normal without using anything illegal (again until this gets patched).

  4. Activate all 4 Gates at 1st room and retreat.

    Do this by hitting the 1st Boss until all 4 gates activate. You will need to lower the Boss' HP much to accomplish this so use Referral ATK buffs if you can. Retreat once several mobs are close enough to start healing the boss. It'll be futile to keep trying at that point.

  5. Stay out for at least 1:30.

    That's 1 minute and 30 seconds. Enough time to let the gates spawn the maximum possible mobs at a time, and drain them of MP to be unable to cast any debuffs on you. You can choose not to do this, and enjoy the stress of getting Forest Prisoned a lot along with other crap like ATK, DEF, and Silence debuffs that make your turns even longer and raid run more miserable.

    Note: you will need to wait longer if you fail to activate all 4 gates.

  6. Deactivate all Gates 1 by 1.

    Do this by hitting them until you see the Blue notice saying 'The Summon Gate of Judgment has been shutdown'. Gates get deactivated at below 980k HP the first time, 950k the second, and so on.

  7. Clear Spawns with Phoenix Scrolls.

    Not Freezing, not Judgment, but Phoenix Scrolls. You can only use 5 scrolls max per entry so try to kill them all with at most 3 scrolls. You might need to use Awakening Scrolls later.

  8. Let the Boss normal hit you first before hitting back.

    This is to activate the 1000 ATK buff from the Bravery Stones. You will also need to use the Gate trick here to kill it faster. Gates will start reactivating once the Boss' HP goes below 50% the 1st time, and at much lower % the 2nd time. In case you fail to kill the boss the first time before you get mobbed again, retreat and repeat from Step 5 or 6.

  9. Clear remaining mobs if any after killing the 1st Boss.

    They will come and haunt you later at the 2nd room if you don't.

  10. Use AO common sense.

    Once you're past the 1st Boss, it's just a matter of time before you kill the 2nd. From there just watch out not to get stunned or proc'ed to death, awaken or pot as needed.

  11. Some 2nd Boss specs you will want to know:

    It starts randomly proc'ing AOEs with it's normal hits at around 50% HP. It also starts proc'ing AOEs from getting hit with your normal attacks when it's HP goes below 20% (something around that when it's HP bar starts blinking).

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  • Comment Link Ahmed Monday, 17 June 2013 21:08 posted by Ahmed

    awesome site you got here Arch, thanks for your effort making all these videos and guides, very helpful I'll spread the word in Thebes about your site ^^

  • Comment Link Aulin Sunday, 21 April 2013 20:06 posted by Aulin

    Hey, you could add 1 more step/advice/hint.

    In room 2, when Boss starts to reflect, you can easily find if your next attack will be reflected, or not.

    As we know, boss has this passive proc with axe, making him attacks as small AOE. I've noticed that Boss will NOT reflect damage if his axe did not proc on his turn. So you just need to see if he did, or did not. That way, it might be easier for new soloers :)

  • Comment Link Arch Tuesday, 26 March 2013 12:29 posted by Arch

    Heya, nationite. Thanks for visiting! :D

  • Comment Link Profeta Tuesday, 26 March 2013 03:45 posted by Profeta

    Thks for the video Arch!
    DarkProfeta here,from Shangrila nation! o/

  • Comment Link Arch Saturday, 23 March 2013 23:48 posted by Arch

    I guess if you can at least deal 70k damage average per turn on the 1st Boss then you can solo this. Check how much damage you do and work on increasing it if its lower than that.

  • Comment Link RavenStrife Friday, 22 March 2013 15:35 posted by RavenStrife

    Hi, i'm a sawM running with a +6 saw, +4 helm armour and chi yous, +3 rest (pega ofc) +0 necklace, magic clothes (for mdef) and using iris wings and nimbus. i have 150K hp in TBS and 120K def. attack is 22K (max) with +4.8K from the passive (so 26.8K attack). how far away from soloing this am i?

  • Comment Link Arch Thursday, 21 February 2013 06:45 posted by Arch

    Should be ok but it will be harder to kill the 1st boss at 1st gate deactivation most of the time.

  • Comment Link afram Thursday, 21 February 2013 06:11 posted by afram

    do you think that just using pega +10 be succes? \charm

  • Comment Link Arch Thursday, 21 February 2013 06:01 posted by Arch

    Haven't tried it as AxeM but it should be faster at destroying gates. And with Cleaving Blows, Warrior's Rage and Wratheater proc on Boss it could be just as good as SpearM if not better.

    I actually want to try AxeM for Raids on my alt but I'll need to make my Wratheater tradeable first. :D

  • Comment Link afram Thursday, 21 February 2013 04:16 posted by afram

    hy i'm from atlantica indonesia , think you are better to use axe or spear? \thank

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