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Help and FAQs

How do I add my own articles?

You need to be logged in to be able to add articles. For this you will need an account. Register for an account here if you don't have one yet.

Login with your account at the Login dropdown at the main navigation bar.

Once logged in, the Login dropdown will show your Registered User Privileges.

Click Add new item to create a new article.

If you are making a TBS Guide article, you can copy and edit this article template for TBS guides to make it easier for you: TBS Guide article template.

How do I add videos to my articles?

You can embed your videos hosted at Youtube on your articles through this syntax:

Whereas <code> is the code found at the end of your Youtube video's URL.

Ex. 5wHF52_BWWI would be the code for the video URL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wHF52_BWWI

How do I add images to my articles?

For now you can only link to images hosted on other sites. You can host your images at free image hosting sites such as ImageShack and TinyPic. For thumbnails, I'd recommend using your videos' thumbnails at Youtube. You can find these at the Video Manager, right-click the thumbnail and Copy Image Location to get the image URL.

Click on the icon at the top of the article editor to link to your images.

Can I make an article on a TBS that already has a guide posted?

Yes. We are not limiting TBSs to 1 guide each. It would be cool to see different ways to accomplish TBS missions, even if you don't recommend others to try them.

I posted a guide but I don't see it

All new articles are subject to Admin review before they go live, so you can save and edit your article as you wish without worrying about your unfinished articles being live prematurely.

To avoid spam from getting auto-published, we review submissions first before publishing them.

How long does it take for an Admin to approve a new article?

Admins are automatically notified by email whenever new articles are posted so article review and approval should only take a few hours.

Feel free to Contact us here if you need any help with posting articles.

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About Arch

ArchAtlantica or Arch for short is primarily intended to be an Atlantica Online TBS guide site where players can find or share tips and tricks for running TBS missions. Players can also submit their own guides, articles and videos.

Since there are many ways to accomplish TBS missions, it is NOT limited to 1 guide per mission.

Although this site is not limited to TBS guides since it also features PvP videos and other AO stuff.

Arch may also refer to this site's creator who plays Atlantica Online, and if you are reading this, you probably play it too. Can't blame you if you do though, it's actually kinda good. Good enough to keep him entertained for over 3 years, and actually make this fansite for it.

P.S. Arch is also a website designer and developer, feel free to contact him if you need a website. :D
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Randomness FTW.

Your AO screenshots would look good here! Cast or mail them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and they'll magically appear here. Doesn't matter what they are as long as it's from AO!
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