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How Some Noob Creates These Videos

Video processingMaking these AO videos can actually be fun. For now most of the stuff I use for creating and processing videos I just got out of searching Google. I'll share them here anyway in case you might get interested to start making videos yourself, or if you know of anything better to use I'd appreciate it if you let me know through the comments below.

  1. Fraps

    I use this to record straight from the AO client. Just run it, go to your AO client and press F9 or whatever key you set it to to start or stop recording. The raw video files created here are huge so you'll need a video compressor/converter.

  2. Freemake Video Converter

    This is so far the fastest and easiest to use video compressor/converter I've tried. Just open the video, save as AVI, and you're done. It can even embed subtitles if you have a subtitle file.

    Download page:

  3. Subtitle Workshop

    If I want to add subtitles to videos, I use this after compressing the raw video with Freemake Video Converter. With this you can easily create subtitle files for your videos.

    After creating the subtitle file here, use Freemake Video Converter again to embed it into the video.

    Download page:

I've tried other stuff and these are so far the best for speed and user-friendliness so I'd recommend them to other beginners like me. Freemake Video Converter and Subtitle Workshop are freeware but work fine although you might want to skip all the optional software and toolbars they try to add while you install them.

Upload your video to Youtube. For this you will need a Google account, you can register through Youtube if you don't have one yet.

Verify your Youtube account to be able to upload more than 15 minutes long videos. By default you may only upload up to 15 minutes long videos or they will automatically be deleted AFTER you upload them. To remove this limitation you need to verify your account by going through this page:

Now go make Atlantica Online videos and share them here! :D
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