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ArchAtlantica or Arch for short is primarily intended to be an Atlantica Online TBS guide site where players can find or share tips and tricks for running TBS missions. Players can also submit their own guides, articles and videos.

Since there are many ways to accomplish TBS missions, it is NOT limited to 1 guide per mission.

Although this site is not limited to TBS guides since it also features PvP videos and other AO stuff.

Arch may also refer to this site's creator who plays Atlantica Online, and if you are reading this, you probably play it too. Can't blame you if you do though, it's actually kinda good. Good enough to keep him entertained for over 3 years, and actually make this fansite for it.

P.S. Arch is also a website designer and developer, feel free to contact him if you need a website. :D

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  • Comment Link Diego Alejandro Wednesday, 06 August 2014 06:53 posted by Diego Alejandro

    Friend sorry if I do not understand is that I speak Spanish and I'm using the google translator. Pregutarte wanted as could get gold? Osea do my tbs. and my quest and everything, but I find no way to get gold. I am lv 140 thebes. And they need gold for mercenaries as the taoist, or carmilla, but I have no gold, I can not afford to do tbs. Might you give me any advice to get gold besides tbs, some trick you can share me. I always watch your videos in league and I really like how you play, I wish I could soon compete in titan like you. I hope you can help me friend. Thanks in advance. Take care. regards

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